Chinese Webwinkels

Baidu Webmaster tools

Baidu Zhanzhang is in many ways similar to Google webmaster…
Login for WeChat official account

WeChat Official Account guide

If you already have a WeChat Official Account please login at…
Baidu exact phrase

6 Baidu search tips and tricks

Baidu does a pretty good job in fine-tuning your search results by adding a few words or characters to your search phrase.
Baidu and English example

Baidu and English - What does Baidu offer in English?

Does Baidu support English? Yes they do, but search results…
New tool for Baidu

Baidu new search tool

Baidu has released a handy new search tool last week As you…
Chinese Webwinkels

Chinese Webshops

We often get the question if the Chinese also use Webshops like…