E-Commerce China

China’s online shopping is growing extremely fast and with a well managed E-Commerce campaign and selecting the right platforms for your product it can become very profitable. With GMV ¥ 200 billion B2C a year and 60% yearly growth, the market is huge. We have experience in setting up shop and have been successful in helping our clients create online sales. Every platform has to be treated differently, but generally Taobao is used most for foreign companies in China, together with Tmall. Tmall is used for bigger well-known brands, while everybody can own a Taobao shop even if the company is sending it’s products from overseas.

If you would ask any Chinese where you should do your online shopping they all would say: Taobao. You might have never heard of it, but looking at it’s total online transactions within China, it can be said they are the pioneers of online shopping. Taobao is part of the successful Alibaba group and uses the popular Alipay payment system.