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Search Marketing

Top Rankings for your important keywords is what we do best.

Social Marketing

Today’s Chinese consumers are very social.

Web Design

Our team creates professional multi-language websites.


Start selling on China’s E-Commerce platforms.

KOL Marketing

Also known as influencer marketing. Gain popularity by using KOL’s (Key Opinion Leaders) in China.


We provide high quality Chinese translations. We can copywrite Chinese as well!

Personal Branding

Are you a celebrity or professional sports athlete in the West and want to become one in China? We can guide you in this process.

Brand Marketing

Create your online brand presence in China. Get found in the Chinese search engines with your brand name and have positive reviews on China’s most popular channels.

China Digital Marketing Agency

SEO Mandarin is a Dutch online marketing company based in China founded in 2011 providing efficient Baidu SEO, Baidu PPC, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce and Professional Web Design specialized in China.

While search engine Google is the pioneer of most countries in the world, it lost her position within Mainland China because of China’s Great Firewall. With Baidu dominating almost 80% of the online searches it is our goal to drive traffic and increase revenues for our clients. For all the Social Media that is used in the West, none of the Chinese have access to it. Instead they copied it, named it different, improved it and now have hundreds of millions of active users and growing.

With our knowledge about China’s limits, and therefore possibilities, we can assure a high success rate. With all the advertising agencies out there we distinguish us by offering fresh creativity, unparalleled expertise, prompt service, competitive pricing, and superior quality.


Years’ experience

Baidu SEO

By doing an extensive keyword research and optimizing your business’ web pages we are good at achieving high rankings in Baidu’s organic results. For long term increased visitor flow, implementing Baidu SEO should be taken into consideration. There’s a few things your website will need before we can start Baidu SEO:

  • Chinese content – Simplified Chinese.
  • Hosting in or near China for faster website speed or an existing website that already has a strong online presence.
  • Have your website optimized for the Chinese internet.

Allow us to advise you what other things can be done in order to start ranking for your most important keywords.

Baidu in China

As the biggest search engine company of China, Baidu has studied Google’s core components and uses most services Google also offers.
Baidu compared to Google:

  • Baidu only uses Chinese
  • It uses the Pay Per Click system of Baidu which is very similair to Google
  • Baidu SEO uses different algorithms
  • The layout of Search Results are very much the same
  • Both make use of Geo targeting
  • They both make use of a Quality Score which will lower the CPC

We love designing professional Chinese Websites

Specialized in cross-border e-commerce with Chinese payment systems

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