Social Media China

Social Media is the perfect tool for maintaining customer relations and to strenghten them. There are situations where social media is used for advertising and creating new customers. In order to set up Social Media Marketing in China a lot more is done than just creating a profile, we engage the right audience on blogs, forums and other social media venues.

WeChat is currently number one with a 750million users and Weibo second in the race with 300 million. Both platforms have to be treated differently if it comes to marketing. Learn more about WeChat.

  • Market Research

    First Things First

  • Write Social Media Strategy

    Every Business is Different. We Perfect The Strategy.

  • Set Goals

    Always Set Goals Before Implementing. Set Goals For Increase Of Traffic / Clients

  • Implement

    This Phase We Use All Our Knowledge & Expertise.

  • Monitor and Report

    We want to Keep our Clients Up To Date by Reporting Regularly