Would you like to sell your product in China? With 70% of the online transactions going through Taobao you might want to consider setting up shop.

The only requirement for opening a Taobao shop is that you have access to an Alipay (zhifubao) account. We have experience with opening an account, building the shop and managing it.

Why Open a Taobao Account?

  • Chinese

    Taobao is only available in Chinese language

  • It’s Free!

    Taobao only requires a 1000 rmb deposit

  • Overseas

    You can fully control the shop from the other side of the world. Products can be send from within or outside China.

  • Reliable

    Taobao is very reliable to both buyer and seller. There’s a good rating system and many other great functions that make it the number one website for online purchases.

Let us know what product or service you are looking to sell in China and allow us to come up with a solid E-Commerce campaign for your business.