Having ‘Social Proof’ is incredibly important in China. We don’t limit ourselves to just influencers. Let’s say for example our client sells a tech product – we can reach out to a well known Chinese tech market leader and have them review your product. This review will help skyrocket the conversion rate.

Key opinion leaders or “KOL’s” may attract millions of fans to share their published posts on Weibo and WeChat to their circles. Live video is also getting increasingly popular.

KOL Marketing is “the holy grail” for marketing in China. Thanks to the over-saturated advertising marketplace and in-built skepticism of “official reviews” and news. Chinese consumers show great preference to those within their social circles and certain celebrities they admire.

KOL post can be on one of the following platforms

  1. WeChat
  2. Weibo
  3. Video platforms like Douyin
  4. Or any Chinese platform that has high trust value

**KOL Marketing is a great way to create new followers on your social media channels and create visibility for your product/service.

Top KOL’s on Weibo and WeChat