New tool for Baidu

Baidu new search tool

Baidu has released a handy new search tool last week

As you can see on the image that’s the regular search of Baidu. When you press on the highlighted button you will find out there’s 3 new options that come with it. Allow me to explain what it actually does:

1. Select Domain

  • First you want to enter the most right option which defines which website you want to search in. Don’t add the “Http” or a “/” on the end otherwise the tool doesn’t give you any search result.
  • It doesn’t seem to show all indexed pages when using this option. Therefor you still want to use “” to see how many pages have been indexed by Baidu of that particular domain.

2. Select Period

  • Secondly you can choose the time period of when the article/page has been added. Therefor when you want your website to show up in this result all your pages need a time-stamp. Otherwise Baidu will overlook that page when selecting this setting.

3. Select Document format

  • Last but not least the Baidu search tool allows you to search for the formats: “Pdf, Doc, xls, ppt”. Great for when you’re researching.

It’s nothing groundbreaking but it can come in handy in some situations. Again, don’t forget to add time-stamps otherwise Baidu might not index those pages.