What is Display Advertising?

At first you’re probably thinking that for example adsense banner advertising is useless since nobody clicks on them. In fact, cold hard data proves that display advertising will increase with an average 22% of your direct response marketing. The banner media strategies will focus smart buying tactics. If you aren’t including display advertising in your Marketing strategy in China , you might be missing out.

Most likely you have searched the internet before looking for a certain product, let’s say a Dell computer, while the next day you go to a whole different website and notice a banner appearing with the same Dell product you’ve been looking for yesterday. Most likely that is Google’s Adsense advertisement banner. This kind of banner advertising is proven to be very efficient since the internet user get’s confronted several times a week while browsing the internet.

In fact Baidu has it’s own service using Display Marketing – Combining Display Advertising with your Baidu optimization PPC marketing campaigns, can increase conversions significantly.
Within Baidu’s analytics you can calculate your exact conversion rate and the average cost per click. SEO Mandarin is the Marketing Specialist in China, we know how to put your product to the attention.