Does Baidu support English?

Yes they do, but search results are normally not what you were looking for. If you are in China and let’s say you want to search for local restaurants by using English search terms. Then your best bet for getting accurate results will still be by using one of the Western search engines – Google (with VPN which redirects to, Yahoo or Bing. You could use Baidu but expect to also have some Chinese search results. If your Chinese friend with fluent Mandarin is with you to enter the search terms in Simplified Chinese, then you will have a much more accurate search result by using the Baidu search engine.

It’s reasonable to say that so far Baidu only focuses on Simplified Chinese and serves it’s customers best this way. The Baidu support and documentation is fully in Chinese and has made no effort in supporting an English version. Therefor it mainly serves Mainland China as main target audience and succeeded so far by doing so. Even the popular services like:

Only support Chinese.