Lead Generation China

Every sales or marketing campaign starts with relevant leads. Every product or service can become successful when you target the right audience to promote it. The most important factor in order to reach this audience is to filter prospects until the most relevant remain which will turn into conversions.
To harvest leads it is necessary to understand your optional target audience. We in SEO Mandarin understand the Chinese internet market to win these prospects.
Important factors are:

  • Understanding your Business
  • A clear description of your product or service


Lead generation in China is a big challenge if you don’t know the Asian internet culture and habits. Good and clear funnels is one factor but having experience and knowledge is crucial.

How do we work?

Depending on the nature of your product or service we will decide what strategy fits best for your business.

– Example:
Let’s say company X wants to sell his milkpowder to China. We will set up a Chinese landing page which will describe company X and everything else that’s necessary in order to set up the sale. And most important of all we implement geographic targeting that will target the right audience for those who is most interested in buying the milkpowder. Would you like to know more?

Lead generation in recent years has become increasingly populair because it enables businesses:

  • Determine the costs per lead
  • Choose the product or service you want to offer
  • Determine the relevant geographical area
  • Choose and control the amount of leads you wish to receive per month (depending on your budget)
  • Pay only for the leads that are received